Welcome to Northcote Natural Therapies

Northcote Natural Therapies incorporates our Naturopathic practice, Remedial Massage therapy, Kinesiology, Advanced Skin Therapy treatments and Counselling using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with a small retail space.

We offer personalised treatments incorporating herbal and nutritional medicine, lifestyle counselling, diet support, homoeopathy, flower essence therapy, iridology, massage, kinesiology, organic facials, hypnobirthing and EFT. Our clinic offers treatments in all areas of health care for all ages and medical concerns including but not limited to fertility, pregnancy and birth.

Our retail space reflects our philosophy that good health requires a holistic approach involving not only our bodies, but the environment in which we live. Products are purchased with this in mind. Our products have been thoroughly researched. Where possible our beautiful herbal teas, which have a therapeutic focus, soaps, skin care & hair care products and cosmetics contain organic ingredients, the finest virgin oils and botanical ingredients and are locally produced. We only stock palm oil free, cruelty free and vegan products and our baby products contain no BPA or any chemicals. We consider travel miles when purchasing, only using imported products when a high quality local alternative is not available. Company ethics are also considered before the decision is made to stock a particular product.

Come in and tantalise your senses, have a relaxing cup of herbal tea, and try out the many products we have to offer. Or simply call 9481 1166 or email us to make a booking with our Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Kinesiologist, Organic Facials Specialist or EFT specialist.

Did You Know?

Naturopaths work in conjunction with all other Health Care Professionals. This means that you can see a Naturopath in conjunction with your GP. This ensures the best health care is provided to you.